Geotargeting TOOL GUIDE

What is Geotargeting?

Geotargeting (also known as geotargeted advertising) is a sort of advertising that uses location data to reach consumers with content that is relevant to their location and behavior. This advertising technology shows content based on an automated or assumed knowledge of the location of the customer.

l The benefits os Geotargeting:

  1. Increased engagement

    It’s all about delivering the right material to the right people at the right time. Personalizing and adapting what you display your consumers attracts their attention and increases the chances of catching them when they are most interested or ready to purchase, making them more likely to connect with your adverts.

  2. Improved user experience

    Weather is the archetypal example of geotargeting, at least in our experience. Serving rain hats ads to warm climates will not result in sales, and it is often a waste of your advertising investments. It’s also aggravating for customers to see an ad that is entirely irrelevant to them in every manner, shape, and form. Maintain your goodwill by directing your adverts only to those who need them.

  3. Local business promotion

    Geotargeting is an important tool for local firms whose target audience lives nearby. For example, a restaurant want to catch nearby people, not people living 4 hours away. Geotargeted ads can assist the dealer in promoting particular events or promotions to the audience that is most interested.

    Bidvance allows you to select an entire continent for larger campaigns, as well as single countries or even regions. 

4.  Save time

     It saves you both time and money when a customer knows you’re close by and wants to visit your store. Geotargeting connects you to your neighbors who are ready to “purchase local,” and all it takes is the correct advertising tactics to reach them.

5.  Increased ROI

   All of the factors listed, customized content, more engagement, improved experience, and lower ad spend, result in a higher return on investment. 

And that is exactly what you are looking for: the highest potential ROI.

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