The Benefits of Native Advertising

With every passing day, it’s becoming increasingly hard to reach an audience with traditional ads. And this is where native advertising come into the picture.

But why native ads?

Native advertising are paid ads that will perfectly fit into the websites content without visually disrupting the page.

Basically, it integrates the ads in such an harmonic way that the viewers will not even realize that what they´re seeing are ads.

Native advertising is an approach to content promotion helping marketers reach multiple goals.

Here are some benefits of native advertising!


1. They are easily aligned with a marketing funnel

Native ads are great content distribution. Whatever type of content you want to promote, you’ll reach the relevant audience with well-crafted native ads.

A marketing funnel is a model that describes every stage of your buyer’s journey from the moment they discovered your brand to conversion.

Depending on the funnel stage, there’s a specific type of content to support it:


Top-of-funnel (TOFU) content

The top of the funnel is where customers come across your brand. The content you create at this stage should focus on the range of prospects and talk about their subject of interest but not about your brand.

The top of the funnel content is aimed at bringing in new leads and build trust.

It’ll help you reach the basic goals you set at the awareness stage: targeting new customers, building awareness, entering new markets, and generating leads.


Middle-of-funnel content (MOFU)

Your MOFU content should target towards educating your customers and showing them how they can solve their problems themselves. Here you might want to highlight how much faster they could address it with your product or service.

Native advertising at this stage might be different from the one at the awareness stage because your goals will differ.

The basic goals you’ll reach using native ads to promote your mid-funnel content are: increase purchase intent, build trust and retarget leads.


Bottom-of-funnel (BOFU)

At this stage, your prospects it to make it right to the conversion. Native ads promoting BOFU content may lead to the landing pages that offer downloads, app install, free consultation, or coupons.


2. They are non-disruptive

People hate ads and the number of active ad-blockers can prove it. But well-crafted native ads don´t bother anyone. In fact, people look at native ads 53% more frequently than display ads.

Native ads match the form and the function of the website which makes them as minimally intrusive as possible.


3. They help to build brand awareness

Native ads are woven into different types of content: visual, emotional, educational, etc, so there´s a great chance of them going viral. Although people don´t usually share promotional ads, many of them happily share useful or entertaining content. That brings the possibility of your readers to share your content, promoting your brand for free.


4. They contribute to brand credibility

Native advertising distribute content and reach the widest possible audience while building brand awareness. They also give you the chance to create a relationship that builds trust and loyalty.

Make sure that your native ads look credible. It’s all about the content you promote with your ads and If there´s no value to the reader, there´s no advertisement that will fix it.

Quality content displayed on trustworthy websites however will help you establish your brand.


5. They are effective

This is the biggest reason to consider including native advertising into your digital marketing strategy.

Native advertising drives higher engagements than traditional display advertising and have higher acceptance rates, click-through rates, and purchase intent.

Some statistics heve proven its effectiveness stating that: Native ads registered an 18% higher lift in purchase intent than traditional banner ads; 32% of the inquired said the native ad “is an ad I would share with a friend of family member”, while only 19% said the same about display ads.

Two out of three Generation X and Z consumers said they trusted branded content more than other types of traditional advertising and 70% of users claimed they would rather discover products or services through content than traditional advertisements.



Native advertising can be incredibly effective when done right. To reach your goals with them, you need to make sure that: the posts or campaigns they promote are relevant and informative; your content is placed on platforms that reach your target audience; your articles aren’t too self-promotional; and that your ads look catchy and encourage readers to click on them.

If you follow the rules, you’ll be able to benefit from native advertising.


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