Tips on how to increase your App Downloads

How to increase your App Downloads

Increasing app downloads is a skill and accomplishment in and of itself. Every day, around 2,000 apps are registered to the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, all expecting to be the next big hit.

Unfortunately, about 70% of apps will never achieve more than 5,000 downloads. Without the proper mobile marketing plan, your app is likely to fail and become “hidden” in app stores.

Fortunately, we’re here to help with a comprehensive tutorial on how to improve mobile app downloads.

This post will teach you how to increase app installs through app store optimization and other digital marketing methods that will increase your mobile app installs.


There are over 5 million apps on all app stores, so as you can imagine there are millions of searchs everyday.

One of the most effective strategies to boost your web presence is to optimize your app for what users are looking for.

– ASO (App store optimazation) – a constant process that increases the ranks and discoverability of an app. While you must persuade individuals to click on the app after it has been discovered, your efforts must not end there.

  1. Use relevant keywords;
  2. Optimize your Title & Description;
  3. Include Compelling Icons & Screenshots;
  4. Add Video;
  5. Build backlinks;
  6. Drive Traffic (and Downloads) to Your App Store Page


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l Create precise app descriptions

This is an important aspect of an app’s metadata, and there is a 4000-character restriction. Users can learn about the app and its primary features. To persuade people to download your app, use natural flowing words. Overall, it should add information but simple and easy to read.

It helps to provide the following answers in bullet points:

  1. What does the app do?
  2. What problem does it solve?
  3. How will it make the user’s life easier?
  4. What is the price?

l App icon & Screenshots

The app icon should be visually appealing and interesting. Choose a color palette, size, and geometry that makes a good first impression and helps express what the app does. This will help your app stand out among millions of others. However, make certain that your app icon is distinct from others.

When a customer arrives at the app page, you must persuade them to download it. Screenshots, as a genuine form of visual communication, can show the functionality of your app, provide users with a preview of the app, and tell a visual story.

app logo

l Encourage Your Users to Rate & Review your App

A great strategy to increase downloads is to get more excellent user reviews, which can raise app rating and encourage users to download your app if it has a solid reputation.

New users always read other users’ ratings before installing apps, therefore if you have some negative or low-ranking reviews, your app download rate will be quite low.

You can stimulate user reviews by delivering push notifications at specific intervals of app sessions, but be careful not to annoy your users by sending too many push messages.

l Ensure your app is Bug Free/Crash Free

It irritates users if it constantly crashes or has issues. If a user encounters an issue, they will either leave a negative review or simply uninstall the software. If a user reports an issue with your app, you must reply fast and your developer must resolve the issue quickly to avoid crashes and ensure that your app is clean and error-free.

A more effective strategy is to be proactive: your app should go through rigorous testing by developers to detect all major flaws and resolve them before going live with the app and making it available to the public.

App Updated

l Social Media

One of the most significant traffic sources to concentrate on is social media. Your target population is probably “glued” to apps and websites like Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook. Being present on social media is one of the most effective strategies to drive app installs and stay in touch with your users.

Social media won´t cost you a single dollar, being one of the best way to “promote” and give visibility to your app will also be the best way to get feedback from the users.  


Every day, over 300 apps are added to Google Play and the App Store. With such fierce competition, getting into the TOP-25 requires more than 25,000 installations. App marketing and paid advertising, as a result, are critical for driving app downloads.

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