How to Maximize Holidays Ad Campaigns

Holidays Ad Campaigns Tips​

In general, the holiday season is unlike any other in terms of consumer behavior. It is equally important for all firms, so now is the time to ramp up your Christmas marketing activities in order to manage revenue.

A well-thought-out Christmas marketing campaign can help improve revenue while also retaining customers by strengthening relationships.

Customers are primed to spend by doing last-minute shopping or preparing for the year ahead by researching who to go with for specific services or products. An effective marketing campaign can engage customers as they are primed to spend by doing last-minute shopping or preparing for the year ahead by researching who to go with for specific services or products. Being at the forefront of their minds provides you a distinct advantage over your rivals.


So, to improve your campaigns for this special holiday season, we will leave here a few tips to help you:

  • Personalize your website for the holiday marketing campaign

Please hold your horses for a moment! Have you made any changes to your websites or social media accounts? If you answered yes, everything is fine. You must, after all, direct your customers to your website. But why would you do that if your website isn’t ready?

So, first and foremost, add Christmas decorations to your advertisements, websites, and social media platforms. This will build a sense of joy in your clients, and they will be more engaged to your website and social media accounts. Your website’s functions should all work properly and be easily accessible.

  • Try new formats

Among Popunders and Banner Ads Bidvance also offers Native ads.

Native advertisements produce excellent results over the holiday season by combining the power of content marketing and paid advertising. Your campaigns will be shared with thousands of online periodicals and news outlets, attracting viewers who have the time to read your material and enjoy the benefits of your offers.

On landing pages, advertisers typically advertise articles, product lists, quizzes, and other similar material. Users enter the sales funnel and go through it until they reach the bottom of the page, where the CTA is waiting for them.

  • Wake up sleeping audiences

People buy things that aren´t related to their interests or necessities on holidays. They spend money on gifts. The holidays are an excellent opportunity to expand your target audience.

You can re-engage past campaign visitors with retargeting advertising as the holidays approach if you start with brand-building ads (customer reviews, stories, free resources, blog articles) in October – early November.

  • Increase your budgets

Because every brand wants a piece of the holiday pie, you’ll need to at least double your pre-holiday ad budget and place larger bids to acquire decent impressions for your holiday advertisements.

We don’t propose investing time and money on low-bidding seas — in such a competitive market, you’ll just be losing time and money without receiving any outcomes or learnings. Instead, begin aggressively bidding and gradually reduce your bids day by day if necessary.

  • Study the results from the previous year

Looking back at previous campaigns is the greatest approach to figure out what works with your target audience.

Even if your organization has never done Christmas advertisements before, you can still obtain data that will be valuable. This data will help you set new campaigns and be a step ahead of the competition.

  •  Set up Tracking

You’re completely blind if you don’t have a comprehensive tracking and reporting system in place. And you can’t afford it when your campaigns are only relevant for a few weeks. You won’t have much time to detect and resolve issues that arise, so make sure you’ve done everything you can to prepare before going live.

You can find here our tracking tokens that will help with this.



I hope you’ve gotten some fresh marketing ideas from this guide.

Don’t wait, launch your ads now!