How to optimize to generate more conversions?

If you are a Digital Marketing professional, you certainly know the importance of landing pages. The so-called landing pages must be “stripped” to avoid distracting people from their goal: convert! In addition, they must be clear about the offer, submit an appropriate form and guide visitors through the shopping journey.

There are good optimization practices that make a difference in the conversion rate. Before introducing them, the question remains: have you ever researched what other companies in your business area are doing? You will certainly have new ideas!


7 Tricks to generate more conversions with your landing pages


  1. The choice of keywords

The keyword of your landing page must be related to the material and the stage of the purchase journey. For example, to attract customers in the first steps, you can add terms like “tips”, “guide” or “how to do” to the keyword. If, on the contrary, the landing page is directed towards the bottom of the funnel, try words like “buy”, “discount” or “price”. Avoid very generic keywords.

Also, create a good snippet. Snippets consist of three elements: title, URL and meta description. These “cuts” that appear in the search engine results must be inviting, objective and clear. That’s why:


  • You must pay attention to the title: Although it is not mandatory, it is recommended to include the keyword to gain more relevance. With a very explicit title in relation to the content of the landing page, the bounce rate tends to decrease, as people find what they are looking for;
  • Don’t forget the URL and meta description: Both must contain the keyword. In the case of the URL, it is a factor that contributes to the positioning of the landing page in the search engines.


  1. The content of landing pages

You have probably read or heard that the content must be long to be more relevant. On landing pages, this does not happen. If the text is long, the conversion goal may be lost. What matters is to get straight to the point: filling out the form. Avoid banners, pop-ups, links or navigation bars that can distract your visitors and direct them to other pages before converting.


  1. The importance of images

It is very important to include relevant images on landing pages. When choosing them, remember that Google penalizes slow pages for loading. So, choose images that load quickly or use tools that compress them without losing quality.


  1. The opinion of other customers always counts

Testimonials give your brand greater credibility and confidence. With that said, include real statements from current customers on your landing page. The opinion of other users contributes to the final decision making.


  1. Optimization for mobile devices

This is not exclusively a landing page optimization tip, but it is still essential! We know that users consume more and more content through mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. So, create mobile friendly landing pages.


  1. Take advantage of the URL after the offer ends

The offer just ended and you are considering deleting your landing page? Why not take advantage of the URL to promote other material or to direct visitors to your website / blog? There are several alternatives:

  • Replace the landing page with a thank you page after a campaign;
  • Use the URL to let your visitors know about the success of a campaign;
  • Keep the landing page with a form so that visitors can receive next year’s offers first hand.

These practices keep search engines indexing your address and help you generate leads all year round!


  1. Test, test and… test!

There are no perfect landing pages. For each brand, campaign or stage, there are elements that work better or worse. So the trick is to test constantly. Apply A / B tests and analyze, at a time, the performance of images, CTA’s, title, element layout, among others. Test the various possibilities and find out which one results in the most conversions.


Landing pages are indispensable when it comes to Content Marketing! They present infinite possibilities and, therefore, high conversion potential. They just need to be optimized and fulfill their goal precisely: guide visitors to the final stage of the sales funnel. To achieve this, you don’t need to follow all of our tips. The important thing is to understand which ones work best with your business!




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