Push Notification Ads

Push Notifications Ads

Push ads are still a hot digital ad format. They are user-friendly, highly-engaging, and more profitable than other types of online ads.

Push Notification Advertising 

Push Notification Advertising are short messages that appear a couple of times a day on your smartphone screen. They’re sent by apps or websites. The content usually concern news, traffic updates, weather forecasts or whatever other types of info you are interested in.


How Push Ads Work ?

First, users must agree to receive push notifications from a website. Then, ads are delivered to the user’s mobile or desktop in the form of notification.

Push ads use a subscription-based model. Users have to agree to receive push notification first. This qualifies the audience and leaves out only those who are probably more interested in digital offers.

The process is ongoing even when people aren’t browsing. When they click the notification, users go to the promoted landing page or directly to the offer.

Push ads vs In-page push ads

“In-page” push ads, sometimes referred to as “web push”, are the answer to growing restrictions toward traditional push.

Since Google Chrome has been updated to the 80 version, it learns how a user reacts to push notifications. If a user commonly disables them, it will disable all further questions.

To fight this, web developers have introduced a type of display ad that looks almost exactly like a push notification. 

Why should you try Push Notification Ads?

Push Notification Ads

Push ads have their pros and cons. However, there are certain proven benefits that make this advertising format very attractive.

Here are some reasons why you should giving push ads a try:

  • High-quality traffic and a real audience
  • More than 300 million potential users worldwide
  • Higher click-through rate than banner ads
  • Unparalleled ad visibility
  • Sense of urgency
  • Advanced customization options
  • Easy pricing model with a high ROI


With push ads, there are no adblockers, and they are practically immune to banner blindness.


If you put in a decent amount of work and correctly set up your push-ads campaign you´ll be able to match it with a wide selection of verticals.

However, the alerting nature of this ad format works best with:

  • Finances
  • Dating
  • Sweepstakes
  • Gamblings
  • News


All of these verticals have offers that can be advertised by creating a sense of urgency.

Push Ads Bidvance 2021

Set Up a Converting Push Ads Campaign

Being a successful affiliate marketer requires attention to detail, specially when setting up a push-ads campaign.  In order for it to convert, you need to optimize each of its core elements: image, title, and description.

Every element stated above is customizable, which means that your imagination is the limit. However, there are some rules that need to be followed.

Your image must be simple, but catchy because the graphics will be the first thing that catches the eye. Just don´t over do it. An overly complicated design fitted in a tiny icon will cause confusion and frustration.

Don´t forget to keep the title short and concise! Keep it to the point. 

Make the description creative and effective! Keep in mind that there´s not much space and you want people to click rather than to read your ad. Your ad description is your final chance to convert. 

As those who’d be intrigued by the image would click right away, then the catchy title would grab another percentage of your potential audience. The remaining unimpressed ones with your previous effort will stick around to read the description.


Get traffic from a push-oriented traffic source!

You may have heard that affiliate marketing is an easy way to become a billionaire. However things are not quite like that. Affiliate Marketing  may be a profitable business but it takes a lot of learning, hard work, and optimization skills.

Crafting a well-performing push campaign requires time, good ideas, and patience.

Setting-up a brilliant campaign that will bring you profits from scratch is quite a challenge. You’ll need to run lots of A/B testing to learn which combination of copy and design converts best before you’ll start earning.

How Do Ad Trackers Work?

Ad trackers collect user data online for you to use in your future campaigns. Thanks to ad trackers you can know exactly what type of audience you’re dealing with, where they are coming from, what mobile device to use, and more. 

Ad tracker facilitates campaign management for affiliates, as the most advanced trackers, will let you run all your campaigns from one platform, regardless of the ad format and traffic source.


Push ads are a trending type of native ad format, offering a non-intrusive, user-friendly, and highly-engaging way for advertisers to reconnect and expand their audiences. To sum up:

  • Push ads are still trending
  • Ads are delivered on a user’s desktop or mobile device even when they’re not browsing
  • Higher CTR and ROI are among the top of its proven benefits
  • Users need to opt-in to receive them, which makes push ads less intrusive than other ad formats
  • Crafting a well-performing push requires time, good ideas, and A/B testing


Start working with a smart ad network able to provide you a better performance.