The most common errors made by new affiliate marketers 

The most common errors made by new affiliate marketers 

Following our first list of common mistakes made by media buyers, we created this new one to help you avoid making the same mistakes and, as a result, achieve better results. Follow this thread below:

l Setting up campaigns too quickly

Some advertiser’s set campaigns too quickly without checking all details and sometime end up doing mistakes. Running campaign to wrong GEOs or devices, not setting capping or limit’s.

l Using a single creative

On banner’s and native campaigns advertiser’s cannot wait to have great results using one single creative, you need to test several different creatives to know which work’s best on each campaign.

l Not discussing campaigns with account manager

Account manager’s know the traffic and platform better than anyone, so they are the perfect solution for any question or doubt you may have while working with Bidvance.  


l Not sharing results with account manager

Our platform allows you to “fire” all kind of actions into your account so your account manager can follow your results and help you with optimization. You have access to it on your tracking tab on Advertiser menu.

l Not running the campaign enought time to test it

Test, test, test… Many beginners pause or stop the campaign’s on initial days, or sometimes even within the first few hours, out of fear of losing money. The offer could take a while to start converting, and occasionally it does so even after a week. 

Test as much as you can, don’t be scared to fail, and you’ll definitely start increasing your earnings.




Hope this thread help’s you preventing to do some mistakes. For any question or help you need our support team and your account manager will always be available to help you.

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