Popunder Ads

Everyone in the marketing industry agrees that Popunders advertising are the most profitable ad type. Being one of the oldest ad formats, it is also widely regarded as the easiest to set up and earn from.


All formats have their own set of benefits, advantages and disadvantages, which is what makes popunders advertisers’ eyes light up. Why? It is straightforward to set up and does not necessitate creatives such as clickable advertising, however it may necessitate a landing page, which we shall discuss in a moment. Follow this thread if you want to know more about popunders.

Popunder Ads Bidvance 2021

What are the benefits of popunder traffic?

Here are some reasons why you should giving popunders a try:

  • Popunder traffic allows advertisers ads to not get related to the publisher website, which some brands don´t want to hapen;
  • Popunder campaigns are easy to set being used by both newbies or experient users. Pops are highly suggested for low-budget starters because they are unquestionably the cheapest ad format accessible. They also don’t lack in traffic quality;
  • Being the easiest ad format to set for publishers, there´s a lot of popunder traffic;
  • Popunder traffic is genuine. It opens the desire page automatically, not trying to blend into publishers websites;
  • Popunder traffic is flexible, works for all type of products, low, as well as high-payout offers;
  • It´s direct, regardless of a bonus/mini-game or prize landing page, an ad with a store discount, or a brand-awareness infographic, a popunder is very hard to ignore;
  • Unlike popup, popunders are noninvasive as it open as a new browser window, not stopping the user activity, which may lead to bad opinion on the product.

How to improve popunders campaigns?

A/B testing (also known as split testing) is the process of comparing two versions of a landing page, compare and analyze results. As mentioned above a popunders campaign landing page can be the main product page, but different landing pages (pre-lander) can also be tested.

What can this popunders landing pages be?

  • Main product page.
  • Call to Action (CTA) Pages – You can set your popunder campaign directly to your main product but also to a prelander, which in some cases it´s better. It’s really important to guide your visitors through the buying journey using strategic CTAs.
Here a few call to action examples:

However, due to the exhaustive usage of CTA pages, it has become so frequent that it has resulted in CTA fatigue. That is still another incentive to conduct tests and optimizations, because what works well for one campaign may not work well for another.

Why should you use Bidvance Popunders?

  • High traffic volume;
  • Availability of anti-fraud solutions and filtering bot traffic;
  • Vast available payment methods and low minimum deposit;
  • Advanced and inovative targetting tools;

Here you can have an ideia of tools you can use to target a specific niche or optimize your campaigns:

  • Geo Targetting;
  • Device types;
  • Browser language;
  • Connection type;
  • Frequency capping;
  • Days of the week;
  • Time period (mind that Bidvance works on UTC+2 timezone).


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